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Factors To Consider Of Resurfacing Concrete Floor Surfaces

Cracks, potholes and other phenomenona may appear on the concrete floor when the service life has expired or under high-intensity work. So, whether it's sanding or resurfacing, here are some suggestions for you.

1. What is the existing surface condition of the concrete floor?

Are there many cracks or depressions in the concrete floor? If this is the case, select high-end cement-based building materials with a thickness of more than 6mm.

2. Environment covered by concrete floor?

It is certain that this type of concrete floor covering can withstand all the conditions faced. Whether the concrete floor is outdoors, or under extreme weather or freeze-thaw conditions, or the concrete floor surface is an area with high traffic flow, or is damaged by chemicals, grease and oil leakage. However, not all concrete cover types are designed for outdoor use, and some are more suitable for harsh outdoor conditions than others. Ask the concrete floor covering manufacturer or constructor to confirm that the material you intend to use is suitable for your purpose.

3. What is the cost of laying concrete floor coverings?

The average cost of concrete cover depends on the range of concrete floor types laid. However, it may also cost quite a high total cost. If you choose a fine decorative treatment method, decorate the concrete ground surface with patterns, or use more than one coloring method.

4. What kind of concrete floor decoration do you want?

Of course, the main reason for using the covering type is to restore and beautify the existing concrete floor. Identify the colors, patterns, and textures that you want to revitalize the surface of your concrete floor, and then find a type that can achieve the appearance you want. Consult the concrete cover manufacturer and technician.

5. How to maintain the cement floor?

Most of the decorative covers on the concrete floor are coated with new protective concrete sealing curing agent, which can resist stains, dirt and grease. The floor has long service life, convenient cleaning and low maintenance cost.

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