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The Difference Between Deep & Light Renovation of Floor

Due to various factors, such as natural factors, human factors, or the floor itself, it will cause the floor to lose its gloss. At this time, the floor needs to be renovated to restore its original natural texture and gloss. According to the degree of contamination, floor renovation can be divided into deep renovation and light renovation.

The process of light renovation:

If there is old coating on the floor, remove it first. Normally, using a floor grinder with PCD removal tools or metal bond grinding tools to grind the floor evenly until the old coating is removed. Then keep on using diamond grinding tools with finer grits to grind the floor until the floor turn out smooth. Pay attention to adding water during the grinding process to keep the floor moist, and use a water suction machine to absorb sewage to prevent the sewage polluted the floor for the second time. Then change to diamond polishing pads and polish the floor step by step using the above method. After the polishing process is done, the luster of the floor is clearly displayed. When all the renovation process is completed, wash with clean water and absorb the water on the surface of the floor. The light renovation of the floor is completed.

The process of deep renovation:

Before renovation, the holes and cracks should be repaired. First, clean out the dirt in the holes and cracks and then dried the floor. According to the color and reflective characteristics of the original floor, epoxy glue should be used and the color of the glue should be close to the floor after toning. After the floor is dying again, using a floor grinder with diamond grinding discs of different grits to grind the whole floor step by step. Grinding will certainly produce dust and residue. Clean all the residue again after grinding is done. The polishing process and precautions are the same as those of shallow renovation. After all the grinding and polishing processes are completed, apply the compound onto the floor evenly and let it dry. Then, the floor turn out almost new with high gloss.

The main difference between deep renovation and light renovation of floor lies in the construction process and renovation cost. It is also because the construction process is different, and the corresponding renovation cost is also different. When the floor is renovated, it is necessary to use diamond tools for grinding and polishing. DTS Diamond Tools focuses on the production of diamond tools with years of experience and a complete product range to meet your various needs for floor grinding and polishing. If you have needs or any questions for your project, please feel free to contact us!

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