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A Guide to Concrete Coatings

Concrete can create strong and long-lasting surfaces and flooring. However, if left untreated, even the highest quality concrete can wear down from exposure to chemicals, traffic, heavy equipment, and even harsh weather. The right coating can combat the wear and tear and even spruce up your space with a little color and gloss.

There’s a wide spectrum of environments and spaces in which concrete is the main flooring foundation. All these spaces will come with their own set of circumstances that can have an affect on your choice of concrete coating. Some factors that will influence your choice of concrete coating include:

● Setting: If you’re in a heavily used environment with large machinery, your setting may call for a more heavy-duty concrete coating.

● Traction: Certain surfaces also require more traction from their concrete floor coatings. There are additives which create a grip-like material when mixed into your chosen coating.

● Chemical use: There are many green-friendly choices to choose from. Like epoxy coating, that are virtually odorless thanks to their volatile organic compound (VOC) formulation.

● Temperature: Some concrete coating types bond better in low temperatures than others.

If you don’t have extensive experience with concrete coatings, don’t be too quick to leap at a certain concrete coating. Some coatings like epoxy coatings may be a popular choice, but that doesn’t mean that they’re the right coating for your project.

Use the wrong approach to your coating process and you could find yourself wasting time and money. Some important tips for concrete floor coating installation:
● Preparation work is key. Regardless of your chosen coating, your surface will need to be well-cleaned and thoroughly prepped. If you skip this step, your coating won’t bond.
● Use good quality equipment. Your coating application can be made easier or more difficult depending on the equipment you decide to use for the project. Good quality equipment will make your work more efficient.
● Keep your coats thin and avoid creating puddles.
● Double-check the room temperature matches with the recommendations of your chosen coating.
● Pay attention to proper mix ratios, and ensure that your product is mixed properly before installation.

When it comes to concrete coatings, DTS Diamond Tools understands the process and has the concrete diamond tooling for such project. Whether you're ready to remove an existing coating or install a new one, we’re ready to supply you with the right equipment and diamond tooling needed to get the job done!

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