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  • 2022-05-18
    The grinding and polishing of the flat slabs must be done in a certain order and according to certain principles to ensure the quality of the grinding and polishing of the surface, otherwise it will only be useless.
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  • 2022-05-10
    The main items of diamond grinding tools quality inspection include appearance, geometric dimension, balance and grinding performance inspection.
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  • 2022-04-25
    Grinding is basically unidirectional cutting, and it is more difficult to achieve a mirror surface. The more commonly used method is to use free abrasives for multi-directional grinding to achieve mirror surface results. However, the free abrasive polishing method is prone to problems such as too long processing time and difficulty in maintaining dimensional accuracy, because the removal force of free abrasives is weak, and most of them use soft materials as auxiliary equipment, such as polishing pads or wool wheels.
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  • 2022-04-20
    High-performance concrete technology is quite different from traditional concrete. It has excellent characteristics such as high durability, high workability, high strength and high volume stability . It is currently considered to be the most comprehensive concrete in the world. It has been valued by many important projects and has been widely used. High-performance concrete technology shows unique advantages, especially in bridges, high-rise buildings, new buildings and other projects, which is conducive to accurately grasping the safe service period of the project, improving its economic rationality and adaptability to environmental conditions in the project, etc. , thereby bringing obvious benefits to the project, which is also considered as the development direction of concrete technology.
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  • 2022-04-14
    Polished concrete floors are fast becoming one of people's favorite floors. Polished concrete floor refers to the concrete surface formed after the concrete is gradually polished by grinding tools and combined with chemical hardeners. Constructors use chemical hardeners to penetrate the naturally poured concrete to strengthen its surface strength and density, and improve its flatness and reflectivity through mechanical grinding and polishing, so that the concrete floor has both performance and special decorative effects.This is why most retail, warehouses and offices choose polished concrete floors.
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  • 2022-04-08
    The selection and use of grinding discs can be followed regularly: diamond grinding discs or concrete thick grinding discs are used for ground leveling and rough grinding; the rotating speed can improve the efficiency; try not to skip the number of grinding discs; dry grinding saves consumables than water grinding, but the water grinding treatment will make the ground more uniform and delicate; after washing the ground and drying it, use a thin grinding disc for high-speed dry polishing for better results ; the use of sponge polishing pads can improve the brightness of the ground.
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  • 2022-03-28
    Synthetic diamonds are grown in a laboratory to simulate the natural formation environment of natural diamonds. There is no significant difference between the two in terms of crystal structure integrity, transparency, refractive index, and dispersion. Synthetic diamond has all the excellent physical and chemical properties of natural diamond, making it widely used in precision cutting tools, wear-resistant devices, semiconductors and electronic devices, low-magnetic detection, optical windows, acoustic applications, biomedicine, jewelry, etc.
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  • 2022-03-22
    The manufacturing process of ceramic bond diamond abrasive tools is also composed of raw material preparation, compounding, firing and machining.
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  • 2022-03-17
    Concrete is an important basic material for construction, and its quality has a direct effect on the overall quality of construction. The rainy season is one of the main problems of housing construction, which will not only causing delays in the construction process, but also possibly affecting the quality of the construction material - concrete. Therefore, the construction unit must make preparations for the rainy season to ensure the quality of the project.
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  • 2022-01-27
    A concrete overlay is a thick liquid product applied over an existing floor to repair or decorate the surface. Depending on the desired finish, these can be applied as thin as a feather, or up to ¾ of an inch.
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  • 2022-01-21
    Polished concrete floors are strong, durable, and beautiful when given proper finishes. Before making any finishes on a concrete surface, we’ll need to ensure that it’s well-prepared to get the best results.
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  • 2022-01-18
    There are numerous flooring options available to choose from: carpet, hardwood, terrazzo, concrete. Each of these options provides different benefits and challenges. However, polished concrete might be the right flooring only speak to the vast benefits and few differences it provides.
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