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How Do Diamonds Grind Concrete

Concrete is one of the toughest materials used in making floors, and sidewalks, among others. It is also mostly preferred since it's safe and healthy for those who use the house. In most upgrades or renovation projects, contractors must always grind or cut through the concrete, so it's easy to apply cool finishes, such as when polishing floors or when removing stubborn mastic glue or even tiles.


Diamond toolings are mostly preferred for both concrete cutting and grinding jobs because diamonds are the hardest stones. Besides, they're also known to withstand the high heat produced due to friction when cutting or grinding concrete.


When it comes to concrete grinding, the grinders are usually fitted with abrasive components specially designed to grind concrete to specified limits. Usually, the concrete grinders used here will cut into the concrete and scratch it—breaking it down to pieces of sand and dust.


The grinders you can use will vary depending on the nature of the work. During the grinding work, the DTS diamonds used will fracture and wear down. The bond metal will also wear down by the concrete dust to expose other (new) embedded diamonds to ensure that the grinding continues uninterrupted.

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