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How to Increase the Quality of Grinding Work

Polished Concrete is a flooring option that is becoming more and more popular every day. With the lifetime cost and different looks you can achieve, it’s no wonder that people are using this option in many different settings. Increasing the quality of your grinding or polishing work may sound like a simple concept, but begin able to produce high quality polished concrete is no easy task. Here are some tips to help you increase the quality of the work when grinding or polishing concrete.

1. Inspect the slab before starting

When grinding or polishing concrete, there will be various factors that effect your work. A good inspection of your slab before hand will allow you to identify which strategy is best for your work. For example, when coming to the problem that whether it should be wet polishing or dry polishing the floor, it is important to understand what kind of slab you are working with. In some conditions or with certain materials, using water in the polishing process may be the suitable option.

2. Choose the right diamond tooling

Choosing the correct metal bond diamond tooling and resin bond diamond tooling in the concrete grinding or polishing process is very essential. It will ensure that your work goes smoothly and efficiently. And also keep the money in your pocket rather than wasting them on bad tooling choices.

3. Choose the right grinder speed

Faster is not always better. There is an optimal speed for each grinder that will result in effective grinding or polishing. For example, when you run the grinder too fast, you reduce your torque and tend to not grind the floor as effectively which can create more work for yourself. If you are glazing over the concrete, you will need to go over the same spot more times to get an even scratch pattern.

4. Inspect the floor scratch pattern

When polishing, each finer grit is used to take out the scratches of the previous step. It is important that you have an even scratch pattern before moving onto the next step so that your polish turns out evenly. If your scratch pattern is not even, you may need to go back over the entire area again which result in more repetitive work.

If you follow these tips, you will be able to increase the quality of your polished concrete floors and reduce time and cost waste. When starting your grinding or polishing work, pick high quality tooling that is cost effective. DTS Diamond Tools will be your good choice. We offer a wide of premium concrete floor diamond tooling which can help to make your grinding or polishing work much easier and more successful.

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