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What You Need To Get Before Grinding

If you are going to rent a concrete grinder, there are some key things that you need to remember before making your decision.

The Grinder

There are many options to choose when you want to pick the grinder for your project. Therefore, being prepared with details about what results you want to achieve will be helpful for choosing the right grinding machine.


For example, if you are ready for grinding a garage concrete floor, the single head grinder would work best for you. Certainly, a hand grinder could also work well at a significantly lower cost, but it is very labour intensive and much less productive. If you are plan to polish a concrete floor, it’s better to use a planetary grinder which is more consistent scratch pattern.


If you are not sure what grinder you really needs, you could speak with different dealers to see what equipment options they offer and compare it.

The Vacuum  

Grinder, with a vacuum system, is very important but is often forgotten when buying or renting a grinder.


Concrete grinding creates a huge, dusty mess that is very difficult to clean. The concrete dust is extremely harmful to your lungs. It can be potentially hazardous if inhaled for a long period of time. So, having a vacuum with efficiently filters will protect you from inhaling dangerous silica dust. If you don’t end up getting a vac fitted with a filter, we highly suggest getting the appropriate safety masks to ensure you’re not inhaling any silica dust.  

The Diamond Tooling

Depending on the type of grinding project, there are different diamond tooling options that could place on the grinder. When buying the tooling, you should remember three things:


  • Know what finish or profile you’re looking to achieve.

  • How much area you are grinding.

  • The brand and model of your grinder.


    Diamond tools has different life spans depending on the type and quality. If you know what desired finish you’re looking for, and how much area you’re working for, you will sure how much or what tools you will need. Beside, some brand of grinder will require a certain type of tooling. Each brand has a slightly different attachment method. Make sure the diamond tools you are buying is suitable for your branded grinder. 


    Now that a grinder and diamond tools have been chosen, it is time to start grinding.

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