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Abrasive Strength

Abrasive strength includes tensile strength, flexural strength, compressive strength and impact strength.

The tensile strength of the abrasive tool reflects the strength of the abrasive tool under the maximum tensile stress. It is an important indicator for the manufacture and use of the abrasive tool, and it is directly related to the strength of the abrasive tool that may break when it rotates at high speed.
The flexural strength of the abrasive tool reflects the maximum bending stress or bending limit of the abrasive tool. When the abrasive tool is used for forming grinding methods, such as thread grinding, crankshaft grinding and various types of plunge grinding, it is required that the grinding tool has good flexural strength and can resist the bending stress generated during grinding.

The compressive strength of the abrasive tool reflects the strength limit of the abrasive tool under the action of pressure. For example, when the grinding wheel increases the radial load of grinding, the degree of blunt fracture and fracture of the abrasive grains is related to the compressive strength.

The impact strength of abrasive tool reflects the performance of abrasive tool to resist impact force under dynamic load.

The strength of the abrasive depends on the manufacturing process of the abrasive, the performance of the binder and the specifications of the abrasive. The factors that affect the strength of the abrasive are: the type of abrasive, the particle size, the type and performance of the binder used, the hardness, structure, density, mixing and heat treatment of the abrasive. Process conditions, shape of abrasive tool, ratio of grinding wheel outer diameter to hole diameter, etc. Among them, after the characteristics and specifications of the abrasive are given, the performance of the binder and the conditions of the heat treatment process are the most important.

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