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Conditions For Selecting Abrasives

The grinding process is the process of cutting the metal on the surface of the workpiece by the abrasive particles on the surface of the abrasive tool. The quality of the grinding process depends to a large extent on the cutting performance of the abrasive tool. There are many types of abrasive tools, not only the shapes and sizes of the abrasive tools are different, but also the abrasives, particle sizes, binders, hardness and structures that constitute the abrasive tools are different. Therefore, different grinding tools have different characteristics, and the grinding tools with different characteristics are suitable for different processing ranges. In order to obtain the expected grinding effect, different grinding tools must be selected for different grinding occasions.

Selection of abrasive properties

It mainly refers to the selection of abrasive, particle size, binder, hardness, organization, and shape and size. There are four main conditions for selecting the characteristics of abrasive tools:

Workpiece conditions:

Including material, shape and machining accuracy requirements, processing method and state of the previous process, heat treatment state, mechanical properties (hardness, tensile strength, elongation, etc.);

Machine tool conditions:

Include the rigidity, precision, and vibration resistance of the grinder;

The grinding process parameters:

Include the linear speed of the abrasive tool and the linear speed of the workpiece, the cutting depth of the abrasive tool, the feed rate or feed amount of the abrasive tool, the grinding allowance, and the size of the abrasive tool and the workpiece;

The operating status:

Include the operating status of the machine tool (manual, motorized), dressing conditions, dressing depth, dressing feed, dry grinding or wet grinding, type of grinding fluid, liquid supply method and liquid supply amount, etc.

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