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Advantages And Uses Of Diamond Soft Grinding Discs

Advantages Of Diamond Soft Grinding Discs

1. Power saving: The diamond grinding block is used to grind stone due to its sharpness. Since the pressure of the grinding head can be greatly reduced, the mechanical wear is reduced, and at the same time, the processing of the same thickness of the plate can reduce the stone breakage rate, and can also process thinner stone.

2. Production efficiency: Due to its sharpness and wear resistance, the diamond grinding block can stably increase the transmission speed of the conveyor belt, thereby improving production efficiency.

3. High luminosity: Using diamond grinding blocks can improve the luminosity of stone by more than 10 degrees. Due to the production process of diamond abrasive blocks, the quality of the abrasive blocks can be avoided due to the reduction of magnesium oxide activity and changes in maintenance conditions during the production process of diamond abrasive blocks; Due to the production and testing process and transportation process of diamond are stricter than those of silicon carbide, the particle size uniformity of diamond is much greater than that of silicon carbide, so the possibility of stone scratches and photometric instability is greatly reduced.

4. Reliable quality: Due to the current large-scale production of diamond, its price has dropped significantly, so the price of diamond grinding blocks has also greatly decreased. In addition, computer-controlled production equipment and technology can be used for the production of diamond grinding discs, while the production of blocks still adopts simple artificial production equipment and technology, and the production cycle is more than one month, which affects the quality for a long time, and the quality cannot be stable.

Applications Of Diamond Soft Grinding Discs

1. It is used for the processing of artificial stone, granite and marble, etc. It has a complete and standardized particle size color system and good flexibility. It is handy in processing lines, chamfers, curved plates and special-shaped stones, and there are various shapes and specifications to choose from. Various particle size numbers are easy to identify, and can be used flexibly with various hand mills according to needs and habits.

2. It is used for the treatment and renovation of various floors and steps after granite, marble and artificial stone slabs are laid. It can be used flexibly with various hand grinders or renovation machines according to needs and habits.

3. It is used for the renovation of industrial floors, warehouses, parking lots and other concrete floors or various aggregate hardener floors, especially for today's popular liquid hardener floor projects. It can be flexibly matched with various hand grinders according to needs and habits. For machine or refurbished machine use, choose grinding discs of different particle sizes for rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing.

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