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The Principles Of Stone Polishing

After grinding, polish the stone with material. There are two cases here:

1. Grind to 1000# with powder

Compared with the particle size table of abrasives, the diameter of 1000# abrasive is 13 microns. On the scale of light, this is an extremely rough world. Therefore, after grinding 1000#, the gloss of the stone is only about 15 degrees.

However, the crystalline powder can be etched on the ground regularly with 13-micron abrasive . By acid substances, filled with resin, and the "micro-rheological" grinding action of abrasive particles, three functions complement each other, and finally make the surface of the stone achieve a nano-level smoothing effect and achieve light.

That's right, the reason why the powder can make an effect on the basis of 1000# is because the abrasive particles are also added in it, and the effect cannot be achieved without the abrasive particles.

But whether it is etching, filling, or grinding optimization, it is better to do it on the surface that reaches the basic flatness.

That is to say, regardless of the high efficiency of the powder, the marble powder still needs 50#~1000# step-by-step grinding and optimization without skipping the number. If the ground is skipped, the powder will not be able to achieve good results.

 2. Grind to 3000# , make agents and seal glaze

Compared agent with powder, the etching effect of agent is greatly weakened and the filling effect of agent is strengthened, and the sealing glaze is a pure filling effect.

Therefore, the agent and the sealing glaze do not make up much for the smoothness of the grinding. What is the foundation, what is filled on it. Therefore, grinding to 3000# makeing agent and sealing glaze is the best way to test the grinding skills, and it can also best reflect the difference.

Grind well, the stone itself has a clear color, radiant, beautiful and durable, better than grinding to 1000# for powder.

If the grinding is not good, all defects such as insufficient optimization, scratches, whitening etc, will be magnified after polishing, which is visually unbearable.

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