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How to Make Polished Concrete?

Polished concrete floor surface is made by a mechanical process of grinding and polishing with the help of a penetrant chemical to provide different texture. The polishing of concrete is a multi-step process which requires specialized tools and equipment. The property of polished concrete is obtained through a surface effect. There are several ways to bring this surface effect of polished finished look. Whatever be the method chosen, the basic approach is the same.

Concrete Grinding Process

For polishing concrete surfaces, machines that are equipped with diamond segmented grinding tools are used. These machines help to grind down the concrete surfaces till the desired shine and smoothness is achieved.

As the grinding process proceeds, the use of diamond grinding tools with the coarser grit gradually moves to the finer-grits. Grits here is defined as the particle size of the diamond. Most of the concrete grinding process starts from a value less than 100. The machines available in the market have concrete grinding discs with different grits.

Concrete Grinding Methods

The concrete can be polished by two methods, namely: wet grinding and dry grinding.

Wet Grinding Concrete

During the wet grinding process, water is used to cool the diamond abrasives. Thus, it reduces the amount of dust created during the polishing process. The water used in wet polishing method helps to reduce the friction. And also acts as a lubricant, thus increasing the life of the polishing abrasives. As water is used throughout the process, a huge amount of slurry is formed. This will bring difficulty in cleaning and disposal.

Dry Grinding Concrete

In case of a dry grinding method, no water used during the process. To the floor polisher, a containment system is attached so that the dust formed is directly taken through this arrangement through vacuum effect. This clears the mess along with the process. It is an added advantage over wet polishing method. The dry method is used commonly in industrial floor polishing as it is more convenient, fast and environmentally friendly.

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