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How to Select the Correct Diamond Tooling

Concrete dust and bonds are the key elements for grinding productivity. The dust produced by concrete grinding will wear away the metal matrix which keeps the diamonds exposed. Without this dust, the matrix will not wear to keep some diamonds exposed. When the diamonds are no longer exposed they will not cut the concrete.

When grinding concrete, the diamond segment bond needs to match the concrete hardness.The confusing thing is that soft bonds are for hard concrete and hard bonds are for soft concrete. The bond or matrix is made of metal powders that are heated in a furnace until they melt into a hard block. These metals can be made to wear longer or faster when abraded by concrete dust. So for hard concrete, you need a softer bond so that it wears away a little. However, it's the opposite on soft concrete. You need a harder bond for soft concrete because it produces plenty of course dust and they can wear the bond very quickly. The diamonds which are embedded in a metal called the bond or matrix only cut well if they are exposed. The final product is called a segment can be made in a variety of sizes and shapes then soldered onto a plate or a disc for final use.

This is one of the most important decisions when beginning a diamond grinding or polishing project. With experience, you may often be able to make an informed guess as to which concrete diamond tool is going to be right for any different slab.

●Even the best or biggest machine won't work well if the correct diamond tooling is not installed. Whether the diamond disc is right for a particular concrete is always important. There will always be the right slab for every diamond disc.

●No two slabs are the same, even on the same project. Indeed, a slab can vary from one section to another on the same slab poured on the same day. And also, there is no such thing that one diamond grinding disc is right for every type of concrete floor.

●Premium discs will operate satisfactorily over a broader range of different concrete hardness since they have a higher concentration of diamond grit in them and have different ratios of natural to synthetic diamond grit.

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