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How to deal with concrete floor?

1. For the surface treatment of the concrete floor, first grind the ground and smooth the uneven ground. This step is a very important work in the leveling of the concrete floor. If the ground is not smooth, it will affect the quality of the later construction.

2. After the surface treatment is completed, the interface agent is applied. First, apply the interface agent twice on the ground that has been polished. The material used for brushing is actually glue. The purpose of this is to make the self-leveling cement and the ground more closely connected.

3. According to the introduction of the worker, self-leveling cement and ordinary cement have the same appearance but different functions. Ordinary cement is usually used together with sand to prevent the cement from cracking due to its high strength, while pure cement is rarely used, and it is used very rarely or very thinly. The use of pure cement must carry out post-maintenance, otherwise it will crack.

4. Next step is the construction of self-leveling, which is a key step in the entire leveling. The first is that the self-leveling ratio should be just right to ensure the strength of the ground after it is made. The ground without strength is often the root of the ground dust in the later stage; the second is the starting position of the self-leveling construction, to ensure that the entire ground is leveling. After the flatness, the position of self-leveling to start construction is very important.

5. When the roller rolls over the cement, it will not leave any traces on it. The cement is not a pure liquid and cannot be definitely flat. There will be a little bump during the pushing process. The cement needs to be flattened by this roller.

6. Self-leveling air-drying is fast, and generally new houses can be paved with wooden floors after three days. Because of the original ground, the old house will take about 1 to 2 weeks, and the result should be completely in line with the installation requirements of the wooden floor.

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