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Terrazzo Refurbishment

Terrazzo is a relatively common decorative material with low price and convenient construction time, so it is widely used in various buildings. However, the terrazzo floor is relatively rough, and it is easy to hide dust and lose surface gloss after a period of use, so it needs to be refurbished. So how to refurbish the terrazzo? How to do terrazzo renovation quickly and well? Can the color be changed in the later terrazzo floor renovation?

How to do terrazzo renovation quickly and well?

1. Terrazzo renovation is mainly aimed at repairing defects or scratches on the stone surface. The renovation should be kept parallel to the boundary of the surrounding stone, so as to prepare for the next renovation work.

2. Be sure to sprinkle water after the terrazzo is refurbished, because cement mortar needs to be used during renovation, and cement mortar needs to be mixed with a certain amount of water to exert a better viscosity. After spraying, let it sit for 1-2 days.

3. When the terrazzo is refurbished, the surface of the terrazzo should be polished with a refurbishment machine. This process belongs to rough grinding, and its purpose is to remove the dirt on the surface and smooth the ground.

4. Then use terrazzo refurbisher, ground grinder and metal grinding wheel for fine grinding, which can not only eliminate the traces left by rough grinding, but also make the ground smoother.

5. Finally, repair the terrazzo floor with mortar, which can repair the cracks on the ground, and then use the ground grinder and other machines to grind the ground on the ground, from coarse to fine, and finally meet the requirements.

Can the color of the terrazzo floor be changed?

Yes, terrazzo refurbishment technology is constantly evolving, so we can do it in the following ways.

1. First, the ground needs to be cleaned up, and some sundries on the ground should be cleaned up. The uneven ground should be repaired, and then polished to make the ground very smooth and shiny before it can be used for construction.

2. For the serious situation of terrazzo floor, it needs to be cut first and then polished. After polishing, the same level as before can be achieved. Then we can refurbish with resin diaphragm. Next, we need to wax the ground so that it will be shiny, mainly because it restores its brightness.

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