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Why is the once-favored terrazzo floor rare now?

House decoration is a technical job. If the decoration technology is not good enough, it will bring a bad sense of living experience. In addition, the choice of decoration materials is also very important. If you are not careful, there will be quality problems. Why is the once-favored "terrazzo" floor rare now? The reason is finally clear, let's find out together.

When decorating a house, the choice of ground will directly affect the overall style of the house, but rural areas are not as particular about decoration as urban areas. In the 1980s and 1990s, most people chose terrazzo floor for decoration materials, but terrazzo floor was rarely seen in rural areas in recent years. Why is terrazzo suddenly not popular?

Terrazzo was born in the 1970s. Its production process is that as long as glass, quartz stone, crushed stone and other materials are mixed together, it can be produced after polishing, grinding and other steps. Terrazzo may look ordinary, but it is very popular.

First, terrazzo floors are easy to clean. Before the large-scale use of terrazzo, the ground in many rural areas was the kind of polished cement floor. The surface looked rough and it was very inconvenient to clean up.

Rural people have to rely on crops to support themselves, and they have to go to the ground every day. At the same time, they also raise a lot of livestock. If they are not careful, the ground at home will be dirty. The overall appearance of the terrazzo floor is clean, it is not easy to accumulate dust, and it is easy to clean.

It can also be spliced and designed according to personal preferences. Various terrazzo styles have emerged as the times require, and the sense of living experience is also rising. It is not surprising that such decoration materials are popular with farmers.

Second, rural people know that life is hard, and they know how to cherish it more than urban people. Terrazzo floor is inexpensive, high hardness and wear-resistant and can withstand corrosion. It is more durable than cement floor. There is no need to worry that the floor will be crushed by heavy objects. Under normal circumstances, it can be used for decades, so there will be so many people using terrazzo floors.

Third, the terrazzo floor can be moisture-proof, which is most vividly reflected in the humid southern area. In the southern region, there is a damp weather. At this time, the air conditioner must be turned on to dehumidify all day long, otherwise small water droplets will easily appear on the ground.

There will be no small water droplets on the terrazzo floor even if there is direct water can be used to clean. This effect cannot be achieved on cement floors. Terrazzo has many advantages, and it has disappeared in rural areas for the following reasons.

First of all, in recent years, young and middle-aged people in rural areas like to work in cities, and few are willing to stay and learn their skills. From the processing of the terrazzo floor to the completion of the production, none of the steps is simple. Even if it is a hardening treatment in the early stage, it is very complicated to do, which is completely useless.

The whole grinding process of terrazzo floor needs to calculate the ratio of various materials in advance, which has high technical requirements. Today, few people in rural areas can make terrazzo of good quality. As labor costs rise, terrazzo costs become higher.

Rural people have always been economical. At that time, they chose terrazzo because the price was cheap and strong. Now that the purchase cost has risen, they are definitely not willing to continue to pay.

The second reason is the “survival of the fittest”. In addition to the price, the number of people who choose terrazzo floors is reduced, and there are tiles that are better than terrazzo on the market. After coming and going, the terrazzo gradually disappeared from the public's field of vision.

After the appearance of ceramic tiles, many people are more willing to buy floor tiles that are convenient for construction, neat and beautiful. The entire construction process of terrazzo is very cumbersome, and the pollution it brings is also very large. The effect of the decoration is not as good as that of ceramic tiles. At that time, due to technical problems, the corners of the terrazzo floor would be uneven, and there was no way to change this. Floor tiles are different. The number of masters who can make tiles on the market is more than the number of masters who can make terrazzo floors.

There are various styles of floor tiles, which can be selected according to people's preferences. In the era of industrialization, the cost of ceramic tiles is low, and the quality is easier to control, which can not only satisfy everyone's desire to save money, but also improve people's living environment.

Compared with terrazzo, floor tiles also have some disadvantages. For example, the quality of the floor without terrazzo is good, the tiles are easy to crack, the hardness is not enough, and the overall appearance after damage is not very beautiful, so the people of older generation still prefer to choose terrazzo floor.


Times are changing, everyone's living environment is constantly improving, and they are particularly picky when choosing decoration materials. After weighing the pros and cons, they will choose better performance, and those old decoration materials will naturally be eliminated.

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