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Ways to renovate the old terrazzo floor

The traditional terrazzo floor has advantages such as low cost, optional color matching and parquet, and convenient construction. However, the traditional construction technology causes the terrazzo floor to be very rough and hides dirt and filth, which brings serious obstacles to daily sanitation and cleaning. Over time, very prominent problems have also been encountered in actual use: stains, dullness; surface cracks, partial chipping and falling off, etc.

Traditional terrazzo is widely used in various building products (such as floor tiles, countertops, sinks, etc.), especially terrazzo floors. Although its application range is very wide, due to its rough surface, easy to hold dirt, as well as the characteristics of abrasion and weathering, the shortcomings of traditional construction technology are increasingly exposed.

How to take care of traditional terrazzo floor

1. The first way is in the early stage of terrazzo floor development. The commonly used maintenance method of terrazzo floor is to wax it, so as to ensure that the ground is as bright as a mirror. But this cannot really change or maintain the brightness of the terrazzo floor.

Moreover, this method is cumbersome, frequent and expensive. Later, people stopped using this method to keep terrazzo floors bright.

2. The second way is to refurbish and polish the terrazzo floor. Use stone refurbishment grinding discs, brighteners, crystal powder and other materials to grind the ground with a grinder, and protect the surface of the terrazzo, so that not only can the gloss of the ground be maintained for a long time, but also make the ground become brighter and brighter . More importantly, it can improve the hardness and wear resistance of terrazzo, and play the role of impermeability and dustproof.

After grinding, refurbishing and polishing, the terrazzo floor has the following four properties:

1. Increased hardness: After treatment, the surface is free of dust, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, and prolongs the service life of the ground.

2. Mirror effect: The surface of terrazzo can achieve the same luster as natural stone, with high finish. The luminosity can reach 105 degrees or more.

3. Good pollution resistance: corrosion resistance, oil resistance, waterproof, anti-seepage, anti-fouling, water absorption rate is less than 0.5%.

4. Easy maintenance: Daily cleaning and maintenance are easy, which greatly reduces the cost of cleaning and maintenance in the later stage. Daily dust push and electrostatic vacuuming are only needed to push the dust. Regular neutral detergent cleaning and stone care liquid polishing.

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