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Another Affordable Option - Full Mechanical Polishing

Full Mechanical Polishing is considered the best method of concrete polishing, it is the most environmentally friendly option for flooring that don’t need to add any manufactured floor coverings.


Mechanical polishing includes the process of grinding, buffing and polishing which will improve the surface conditions of a concrete for decorative or functional purposes. Using a series of progressively fine diamond tools, the concrete can be ground to 800, 1500 or 3000 grit level. It depends on what level of stone exposure you desired.


It offers many advantages such as reducing the lighting costs, increasing the premises value, low maintenance, long-lasting and can be patched in some areas if needed. This method is very suitable for indoor floor applications.


If you want to resurface an old concrete floor, mechanical polishing is a good choice. The result of mechanical polishing is to achieve a reflection in the floor by refine the floor and take away the small scratches. Grinding slowly, using a finer grit abrasives, to remove the scratches smaller and smaller until achieve the desired level of shine. This shine is actually coming from the concrete itself and there is no top coating added there.


By the way, the mechanical method is also used with a chemical that helps densify the floor to its maximum hardness. A densifying chemical only makes mechanical grinding easier and more effective.


Mechanical Polishing method is more expensive than “Grind and Seal” method due to the high number of steps needed. Generally the price will vary due to the floor size, level of stone exposure, level of shine and original condition of the concrete.   


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